Hop Organic Compost - 1yd3


Hop is an organic craft compost, which can be used as a top dressing or soil blend.

Land Coverage – 1.0yd3 Bulk

  • 0.5” top dressing = 650 square feet
  • 1.0” top dressing = 325 square feet
  • 1.5” top dressing = 220 square feet

1.0” recommended top dressing

1:4 recommended soil blend

Hop’s recipe is sourced directly from select food merchants, and prepared in batches 98% smaller than the industry standard, in pursuit of ideal ingredient pairings. Hop’s sealed cleantech uses live data on CO2 levels, acidity, and temperature, to tune the product every 60 seconds as it’s produced. As a result, Hop is the most nutrient-rich organic compost in Canada.